The reservation of material online will only be effective after the acceptance of these general terms and conditions by the client. These general terms, as well as the prices, will be subject to possible modifications without prior notice by Backpack Baby. The general terms and conditions will be those exposed on the Backpack Baby website at the time of reservation by the client.

The texts and photographs used on the website are not contractual. There may be variations or changes in color, which in any case will not affect the validity of the rental.

1. Definitions

In this contract “You” is the client and “We” Backpack Baby. The aforementioned rental service consists of providing material for a certain period of time. The current geographical scope covered is that of the autonomous community of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. For deliveries outside this radius, we reserve the right not to make deliveries or to do so by applying an additional cost. Payments must always be made in advance.

In case of reimbursement of the amount by international transfer, Backpack Baby will only assume the transfer fees applicable to its national bank, with those of the receiving or international bank being paid by the client.

By material it refers to an inseparable set of baby material, instructions for use, packaging and accessories if included. The material meets all European standards.

For business days are considered every day from Monday to Saturday, Sunday excluded.

2- Rental and payment conditions; electronic files.

The rental agreement will be established through an order that will be made via e-mail and we will validate it at least 3 working days before the rental period begins. The order will be validated following these steps:

– order request

– receipt of the order and confirmation of the same by Backpack Baby with an order number and the total amount

– acceptance by the customer of the general terms and conditions

– order validation

– payment of the amount at least 5 working days before the start date of the rental order

– confirmation of receipt of payment and validation of order by Backpack Baby

-sending by e-mail or fax of the general rental terms and conditions specifying the conditions of the order in question, as well as the deposit acceptance document (you must provide us with your ID or passport data)

The order will be validated upon receipt of payment at least 3 working days before the start of the rental period.

Payment can be made by credit card, or by bank transfer.

In the event that the initial rental period is to be extended, the pending amount must be paid at the latest on the day of collection.

All mails, faxes, etc. between Backpack Baby and the client, may be considered as proof of correspondence and commitment between us and the client. All personal data will be stored and the probative validity of this information is expressly insisted on with respect to the orders requested by the client. These electronic files constitute valid evidence and will be considered in the same way as any written document.

3- Secure online payment

Backpack Baby uses an internet payment gateway via Banc de Sabadell, thus guaranteeing a secure payment method, and without third parties having access to information during the payment process. All prices indicated are in euros (€) and include VAT. Shipping costs are not included.

Once the order has been placed by the customer, and once it has been confirmed by us, we will inform you of the total price of the order including shipping costs. Shipping costs (delivery and collection) are as follows:

– €25 for all those orders that are delivered and collected in Barcelona city and its surroundings (surroundings means any delivery within a radius of 10 km). Shipping costs are free for all those orders that exceed €180 (either material rental, product sales or both).

– €40 for airport deliveries

-For deliveries outside the metropolitan area and surroundings, including the Balearic Islands, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the place of delivery and the volume and weight of the order. The customer will be duly informed of the cost of this shipment before placing the order.

4- Rental duration

The rental period begins on the date on which the material is delivered to you under the specified conditions and at the place indicated by you.

The rental period ends when the material is returned to us in its entirety, and once its good condition has been checked. The client may, prior agreement with us, extend the rental period. In this case, it will be invoiced based on the final portion of the rental (with discount applications, if any) and the conditions of the agreement will continue until the end date of the new rental period.

The rental period cannot be less than 1 day.

5- Cancellation by Backpack Baby

In some cases we can refuse to rent the material, some of these cases can be:

– lack of stock

– that the customer has not made the corresponding payment at least 5 days before the delivery date

-that the client refuses to pay the order and/or the deposit

6- Customer Responsibility

You agree to rent the material solely for private use and for the purpose for which it was rented.

You must review the material at the time of delivery and verify that it is in good condition, clean and works. If you observe any anomaly or defect, you must indicate it immediately to replace it as soon as possible.

Take care of the material, monitor it and assemble and disassemble it according to the instructions that are delivered.

Backpack Baby is not responsible for damages caused to property or third parties by the use of the material during the rental period by the client.

7- Material and accessories

The material will be delivered to the customer in perfect condition and with the accessories and the relevant packaging or wrappers (bags, plastic, etc.) if any. This packaging is part of the material and must therefore be kept and cared for by the customer during the rental period.

Backpack Baby will not be responsible for any complaint regarding the state of the material that has not been previously indicated during the delivery of the material. If there is no report indicating otherwise and the material delivery sheet is signed without any observation, it will be understood that the material has been delivered in good condition, that it works, and that it must be returned to us in the same way.

8- Deposit

The material will not be delivered until the deposit payment has been paid or withheld, either by card, transfer or cash.

The amount of the deposit is indicated in the file of each product.

If the material is returned late or damaged or payment has not been made, we reserve the right not to return the deposit and add an additional cost until it is returned.

9- Return of the material and return of the deposit.

At the end of the rental period, the client must return the material in good condition and condition. Only minor damage due to reasonable wear and tear on the product will be accepted.

We will have 3 days to review the status of the returned material, and verify that it works, has all the parts and components and is in good condition. In the event that this is the case, we will refund the amount of the deposit, according to the terms specified in article 1 and within a period of 3 working days.

If, once the material is returned, damages beyond those derived from good use are appreciated, you will have to pay €20 in repair costs.

If the material is returned with serious damage and breakdowns, which affect its operation and safety, and make the equipment or material temporarily or permanently unusable, making it unfeasible to continue renting it, the client must be responsible for the repair or replacement of a product the same and we reserve the right to retain the deposit until then.

The loss of any part or the abnormal deterioration of the material of the attached accessories may be penalized with an amount of €20 to be paid by the customer in case of deterioration, or the full payment of the amount of the part to be replaced in case of loss or break.

If after 48 hours from the date of termination of the rental the material has not been returned to Backpack Baby, it will be considered that it has become the property of the client and Backpack Baby will retain the deposit without the possibility of any claim by the client.

10- Delivery and collection

The delivery of the material will be made directly through Backpack Baby or through a carrier designated by us.

The service schedule is from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (we recommend planning deliveries / collections from Monday to Friday) at the address requested by the client and always by prior appointment agreed between the client and Backpack Baby via email, fax or phone. If the delivery address is different from the collection address, the customer must let Backpack Baby know in the order or more than 48 hours in advance. For deliveries and collections outside these hours and on national and regional holidays, Backpack Baby reserves the right to charge extra costs of up to €15.

The time requested by the client is not contractual and Backpack Baby reserves the right to change it in case of need to adjust the schedule, activity limitations or force majeure. In case the client is not found at the indicated place and time, an attempt will be made to contact him to establish a new delivery time: In this case, we reserve the right to deliver the material once the rental period has begun and to charge a cost additional delivery, as well as renting the material to another client in case of not being able to contact you.

Backpack Baby is not responsible for delays caused by causes beyond its control such as extraordinary weather events, modifications or traffic cuts on public roads, delay in the return of material by another client, strikes or transport delays. public or other causes of force majeure, not being able to be held responsible for the consequences of the same or requested compensation in this regard by the client or by third parties.

The client accepts the conditions described here and is obliged to comply with them for the duration of the rental period and until they have returned the rented material to Backpack Baby or to the freight forwarder designated by him. Until then, he will be responsible and undertakes to be cured of it.

11- Cancellation

Cancellation is free as long as it is made within 3 working days of the expected delivery date. Orders that are canceled with less notice may be subject to a fee of 50% of the order by Backpack Baby. This rate will be 100% of the amount for orders canceled less than 24 hours in advance. If the cancellation is prior to 3 working days, we will refund the full amount of the reservation.

12- Privacy Policy

Backpack Baby guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by users and its treatment in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data (RGPD 2016/679 (EU) and Law 3/2018, of December 5, of protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights). The client can exercise at any time the rights of access, rectification, limitation of treatment, deletion, portability and opposition to the treatment of their personal data, as well as revocation of the consent given for the treatment of the same, directing their request to the postal address indicated above or to the email attaching a document proving your identity. You can go to the AEPD to file the claim you deem appropriate.

13- Jurisdiction

The contract between the client and Backpack Baby must be governed and interpreted by Spanish law in the event of a dispute between the contracting parties, the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona being competent.